Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching Up

May 30th - Sunday Beautiful sunny day with bright blue cloudless sky

I just noted that it has been almost a week since I have posted. Guess that tells it all, we have been covered up with things that had to be done.

The aunt that Sue and Tim were caregivers for passed away on the 24th of March. Aunt Hazel Hammond was 95 years and certainly lived a full life, she was a world wide traveler, a registered nurse, graduating from a medical school in Boston. She ended her professional career as a surgical nurse to Dr. Bair here in Wellsboro. It was sad to see her picture in the Wellsboro paper where she had been chosen "resident of the year" for Country Terrace, the same week that she passed away. She was a remarkable lady and such a Christian encourager to me through the difficult times as I was caring for my late husband. Several of the posted pictures are of our immediate family that were taken at the dinner following the funeral.

Lou and I made a trip to the Bath VA for his yearly physical there, that was a hard trip, as I had awakened with a migraine and vomiting, so we drove up and returned home quickly. That was the only day I missed working in the cemetery in Whitneyville. Lou and I put in some very long hours, some nights not eating dinner until 9:00 pm, but we did finish. Sad thing was that as we were finishing our work, the lady that cuts the grass came and cut the grass without a mulching mower and sprayed all of the monuments, so I went back over each and everyone and swept them again. I told Lou I was on first name basis with many of the folks buried there. Do believe that Lou is ready to give that job up, and it seems this is a current problem with many local cemeteries, no one wants to volunteer their time, and the cemeteries are out of money. Even paying help is hard to find, so don't know what the answer is going to be.

Lou had an appointment with his attorney on Wednesday, so I used the time he was gone to get my grass cut, it seems like it is growing overnight. I had to put the blades up and cut in first gear and it still piled up.

Speaking of "piling up"..... Lou's family paid for lawn care for his yard every other week and last week the grass did pile up when they cut it, so we went to his house yesterday and I raked every inch of his front yard and we hauled away more than enough grass to fill his mulch bed, after we finished that, he recut the front yard and I raked it again. By the time we returned home at 8:00 pm I could hardly wiggle. We made a tossed salad with grilled chicken, had a shower and went to bed, it was a hard night to sleep, sore muscles and cramps for both of us.

Thankfully, today is Sunday and we try not to work, try to relax and enjoy the day the Lord has given us. Brion and Casey came up from Camp Hill to visit with Brion's dad, and they went with Lou and I to the Fly-In Breakfast at the local airport. The guys couldn't have asked for a better day, the planes just kept on coming, we had a huge breakfast, viewed the planes and chatted with acquaintances and left for church, arriving just in time not to be considered late. Lou got to renew some acquaintances in church this am, some older members attended from out of town. One lady had come to attend her 65th high school reunion.

After church, Lou and I set out for Riverside Cemetery in Knoxville to visit my grandparent's graves. After spending so much time in cemeteries, it was nice to visit one that someone else was responsible for. I was pleasantly surprised to find flowers at my grandparent's grave. I am guessing that cousin Connie made the trip over.

After the cemetery we ate at the restaurant that my brother and sister-in-law took us to for my birthday. Bear Track Tavern, what a great meal we had, I had been hungry for good spaghetti and chicken, and Kelly had the best, only it was huge so brought half of it home. Lou ordered scallops and steak, which he couldn't eat all of his either. We split a delightful piece of homemade strawberry pie. We left feeling satisfied physically and mentally, as the restaurant is decorated like my home, so we always feel so comfortable and at home there. The bathroom are the best supplied of any I have ever seen, you can want for absolutely nothing.

After dinner, we went for a ride and did we ever, we toured the Beachwood Lake area, where I haven't been since Susie and Scott were young, I used to take them there fishing after dinner in the evenings and when the mosquitoes would get bad, we would build a fire. Lou had never been in that area, so we got out the Tioga County map and did what Susie and Tim do, we just explored. I know Tim doesn't use a map, but DH has to have a map and a compass. We say some beautiful sites and came home feeling like we were refreshed. Now tomorrow, holiday or not, it is going to be a work day again. We both have yards to get cut to start with.

Next week promises to be a very busy week also, I have an appointment with Dr. Fox on Tuesday and our new car has an appointment for installation of mud flaps. Wednesday is square dancing, and we are in charge of refreshments and it is also baccalaureate, so we will go to square dancing early and prepare, then come back after baccalaureate and clean up. and Friday is graduation and Saturday Preston is coming to help Lou scrub up the RV on the outside and I am planning on getting our house washed down while he is gone doing that. Once again a busy and fast paced week for our family. It is hard to believe that Michelle is graduating this year and has been accepted to Elizabethtown University where she will major in Biology and Pre-med. I missed seeing she and her boy friend dressed for the prom, I was still at the cemetery working, I think this is the one and only time I have missed such an occasion of any of my grandkids. Thankfully, Krista took pictures that she will share with me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Home - New Car

May 24 - Monday - Sunny and humid

When we arrived home on Sunday as we were going through the mail and Lou had a letter from Dr. Nespola telling him of his recent blood studies. We were absolutely elated with the results. Every study that he had done for his yearly physical were improved from a year ago. Susie told him vacationing certainly suited him and that he should be thinking of getting on the road again.
Lou said that Susie's mommy was good for him! Whatever the reason, we were very encouraged and very grateful.

Lou and I are praying for Susie and Tim as they are watching a very dear aunt live her last few weeks on this earth. All of this brings back the memories Susie has of her father dying and how difficult it was for her to watch that progress continue. Susie said that was going to be her first question to God, as to why people linger so long when they just want to go home with Christ.

Today Lou and I went to pick up our new car that we had ordered. We now are in possession of a 2010 Malibu LTZ, the color is Silver Ice Metallic, with gray/black interior, leather heated seats, sun roof and any other option we could think of to order. Very similar to Lou's Saturn.
We traded in both of our cars and purchased one car. Far more practical than two new cars in our family. We combined inventories tonight and have it ready to go. We purchased a protective package and have an appointment on Tuesday to have it installed.

We stopped and picked up live and silk flowers for the cemeteries and stopped by Catlin Hollow to do my parents and Al's grave and will do Lou's family tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow after my appointment with the doctor we are going to work in the cemetery in Whitneyville. The man that Lou looks after asked if he could help him and we were delighted with his offer and took him up on his generous offer. We had asked for volunteers at church, but no one came to our aid.

Spencer,what do you think of your grandad's car? He said he sure would like to have an e-mail from you. He sees that you read his blog and that pleases him. Spencer is the grandson that is a Second Lieutenant in the Army and stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. He is the first son to Janet and Brion and brother to Casey.

Daisy, I included the picture of Daddy's stone, so you could see what the flowers on his and your mother's grave look like. Hope you approve, I thought they looked good together, we are limited on what we can do in Catlin Hollow.

Rain and Flooding - Sunday

May 23 - Sunday Orrstown, PA - RAIN

We really had a good time Saturday afternoon, travelling around on roads that we were unfamiliar with. Made me think of the adventures that Sue and Tim have with their jeep, when they go for rides.

Preston and I are all for using a GPS; however DH thinks that nothing compares to a map, in fact, he insists the map is best. So Pres and I took turns looking at the map with all of the back roads on it and gave directions that Lou followed NOT, I had been telling Pres about some of our adventures this winter and we all had a good laugh about it. Lou is devoted to his maps and reads them while driving or whenever, he thinks he knows where he wants to go then we come upon a road that looks right, or the compass says something different and we are off on some bunny trail to wherever. It was a fun time and we arrived back to the campsite just in time to let Estee out to potty and drive back to the restaurant where we were all meeting for dinner. It started raining about the time we got there and it continued all evening.

After our dinner out we went back to the RV, no campfire Saturday night, Pres showed us some of his pictures of Italy and then we enjoyed NCIS. Pres is also a fan, and we munched on popcorn, had showers and off to bed to read a bit. Every time Lou and I were awake during the night we were aware it was raining hard, and once I mentioned to Lou that they was a little stream behind our RV and our car was parked behind the RV. Pres and Lou had crossed the little bridge over the stream and walked up in the woods for a nice walk.

When we awoke Sunday morning, it became apparent that we would not be attending church and we decided to hurry along and get on the road home. Lou stepped out the front door to pick up a hanging basket of flowers that Brion and Janet had dropped of to us while we were off exploring, and he went over his shoe and a fourth of the way up on his pant leg. I took a chance on my cell phone and called Sue and Tim to see what it was like at home, and Tim said maybe a fourth of an inch of rain. He then told us that 10 campers in Chambersburg had to be rescued Sunday morning.

Preston was good to help his dad do the outside business and I prepared us some breakfast and got the inside ready to travel and we left for home about 10:00 and arrived in Mansfield at 4:15. I quickly transfered items from the RV to the car and got Preston's things to his car and we were ready to travel the rest of the way home. Preston had a three hour drive ahead of him.

All in all it was a nice weekend, just didn't have a lot of time to visit with other members due to the weather and my allergies.

SMART Muster - Orrstown, PA

May 22nd - Saturday Roxbury, PA SMART Muster

At this point we do not have internet service, so am writing this to post later. We left home on Thursday and traveled four hours south of our home to meet up with the rest of our SMART group. We had about ten rigs show up on Thursday and then more came on Friday. We had a pot luck dinner on Friday night followed by a business meeting. Our Pennsylvania Keystoners are sponsoring The National Muster in September at Centre County Fair Grounds, so our business meeting was long, as many arrangements had to be made on who was going to do what to keep the occupants of 200 rigs busy for a week in September. The whole program sounds interesting and fun for all that attend.

Saturday after a breakfast of Cream of Wheat and blueberries we set out to tour the country side and touring we did up into the mountains and then back to the countryside. Many Amish and Mennonite farms that have been so well tended over the years. Many field of winter wheat some ready for harvest and some just beginning to head out. We even found a Mennonite Cheese Store that we had to investigate and ended up purchasing several different kinds of cheese. I am in hopes that I can made a wonderful casserole of macaroni and cheese.

Tonight we all met at a local restaurant for dinner during a torrent of rain; hence, no campfire tonight. In fact, I have missed all of the camp fires due to an allergy induced asthma attack, so have been very careful to stay in the air-conditioning either in the car or the RV. Preston drove up from Tyrone to go with us to this Muster. He is going to make and donate ceramic bowls, casseroles and tea pots to our National Muster and was anxious to get input on what the members would like to have to use in the Chinese Auction, so he came away with good ideas to help our club. It was really interesting to see how talented many of our members are and how readily they were willing to share those talents in finished products to be used. My daughter, Susie agreed to make a quilt to be used and my other daughter, Krista is going to help make some ceramics to use also. Kris and I have a complete ceramic shop with kiln in my garage and neither of us have been able to get time to enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May 18 - Tuesday Rainy and cool

We awoke to rain this morning, a perfect day to stay in and clean, right? I thought so. I gave Estee a bath before breakfast and started cleaning the bathrooms while DH prepared oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have someone prepare breakfast for me each and every day and usually a variety from day to day. We have been enjoying Cream of Wheat, so it was nice to have a switch to oatmeal this am.

I went into our hobby room this morning and found my cactus plant with buds. This is a special cactus, as my granddaughter, Michelle started this plant for me years ago and it has suffered many upsets by all of us and when we went to Florida, Krista told me that she would bring it to bloom while we were away, well sure enough, buds for the first time. I was delighted.

Lou decided that he would occupy himself squeezing grapefruits and oranges that we had picked from Jean Frey's trees in Florida and he surely did squeeze, he ended up with a half gallon of grapefruit juice and almost a half gallon of orange juice. After he finished he had to call Jean and tell her what her trees had produced for us. Visiting with her was sheer pleasure for me. I had not met her before, but was instantly in love with the lady and her dog, next year must spend more time with her. Lou even shared the pulp of the orange with Estee, and she would eat anything in the world that come from Lou's warm hand. Spoiled???nah....

I finished up the cleaning project, sorta, more later when it rains, then we went to vote, got a bite to eat in town and on to Michelle's choral concert at the high school. It is really hard to believe that these kids that I have know from kindergarten are all graduating and off to college. Michelle started off the concert with a guitar and song solo. We are very proud of her, what she knows of playing the guitar is what she has taught herself, and she certainly has a sweet voice that she has been blessed with and she is free to share that gift with others. The total chorus had around 231 members, all performances were well received.

Two phone calls were received tonight from family members telling us of unfortunate events that need prayers and concerns. Thankfully, God is still in control of our lives and he knows the future for all of us.

Tomorrow we are off for a hair appointment for me, and we have many errands to run, along with a trip to the grocery in preparation for our camping trip this weekend in Orrstown, PA.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Living Among the Dead

May 17 - Monday - Partly Cloudy and Windy

Will try and catch you all up on a very busy weekend..

Lou and I each lost a dear friend this week. He lost a friend that attended Charleston school with him and then went into the service together and I lost a very dear first cousin; therefore, visiting a funeral home twice this week has brought a lot of acquaintances front and center and we have certainly enjoyed chatting with many folks. Lou and I were surprised as how many people we each knew from these many individual friendships.
It is sad that the only time we visit with family and friends is at funerals and not family reunions as we did in the past.

I finally got the RV cleaned and ready for our trip this Thursday for a SMART muster. Lou got the oil changed so he has that part ready also.

We went over to work on the RV and found that his apple tree had come down and was laying on the ground, so used the Buick to get it straightened up and secured against any upcoming wind. As we were walking back to the RV we noticed that Lou's suet feeder looked a little disarranged and checking closer, the feeder had been taken down along with the suet feeder, looks like the bear is still traveling.

Sunday we attended church and I was in charge of the scripture readings which went well, we had another baptism and a good attendance in our little rural church. We stopped in town for a quick breakfast and on to our square dance benefit for Relay on Life. We raised almost $600.00 for the benefit. After the square dance we went to the funeral home, so by the time we returned home it was almost 7:00 pm, so had a late dinner.

Today we have spent the entire day working in the cemetery at Whitneyville. Lou volunteers his time and takes great pride in what he does. I love working with him on, it and find there is so much to learn from him on how to straighten a stone and not cause any damage to the original stone. Did you know that you can not use field rock or any type of stone under the monument? I sure didn't we have to did dirt and pack in under. I also found that the monuments are very brittle and you can not rock them back and forth or they will break in two. You can see from the pictures how we improved one monument. We ran the weed eater on half of the cemetery and then I used the broom and swept the grass off and away from each stone. Brion had purchased a new weed eater for Lou and we both used it today, I found I could even start this one and it wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be, so we took turns today. We still have the other half yet to do, but are supposed to have rain for several days, so not sure when we can finish it.

Tomorrow, we have a funeral to attend, and a choral concert tomorrow night, and I must get my house cleaned up and laundry done. We also need to vote.

I might add that we have ordered a new car. We decided we didn't need two new cars, so we have traded in both of our cars and are awaiting the delivery of our new choice. This was a fun endeavor, to come up with what we both wanted, something that we haven't done before, so we made the best of a fun time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring vs Winter

May 13th - Thursday - Misty Rain

Sorry folks, I don't know what happens to the day, they go by so quickly, so will try to bring all up to date.

On Monday we made a quick trip to Camp Hill and stayed overnight at the home of Lou's daughter, Janet and her husband, Brion. This was like a breath of fresh air, as her yard, with the longer growing period and warmer temperatures was awash with color and different shades of greens, many different birds were visiting her many feeders. We left their home on Tuesday morning, had Lou's Saturn serviced and then drove to Carlisle to pick up Lou's three months supply of his medication and drove home, making a quick stop at Boscov's in Selingsgrove and lunch at Friendly' s.
We picked up Estee at Krista's and home and turned up the furnace, just in time to get pelted with snow/sleet and more high winds. DH suggested we jump back in the RV and do what Susie had suggested go back south and stay until the 4th of July and come home a visit for a couple of weeks and go back south!!

Wednesday we used the cold weather to our advantage and caught up on paper work, caught up on laundry, and had an early dinner and off to
deliver a birthday card and small gift to my sister-in-law. Always good to have a little chat with her. Joanne shared with me that she read our blog everynight before going to sleep, and we were glad that she enjoyed traveling with us this winter.

We were then off to the Green Home to visit with a dear friend, until it was time to go to our square dancing lesson. I should say that the lessons are really over and with all of the ones I missed this winter, I am really lost, so may give this up until next fall. Lou can dance with one of the many ladies that are always looking for a partner. What I have learned I enjoy, but I hate to goof up and spoil it for everyone else.

Thursday brought the day for our yearly physicals, so we were off to see Dr. Nespola, which is always a pleasant experience for both of us. We both hold Dr. Nespola in the highest esteem, a close friend and a wonderful physician. We had our blood work done and we were off to Gramma's Kitchen in Mansfield for a late breakfast and on to Walmart and Tractor Supply with a special stop on the way home, that we will talk about at another time.

We are hoping tomorrow that we can get the oil changed in the RV, and I can get the RV cleaned and then both of us work on getting the grass cut at Lou's house. A busy day all the way around and I just remembered, I need to get back to the hospital for another test also. Busy day ahead

By the way the pictures are of the sleet/snow that we had Tuesday night. What happened to spring???

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

May 9th - Sunday - Mother's Day - Cold, Snow flurries and very windy
Low 34 degrees - High 46 degrees

This Mother's Day dawned with the furnace coming on, tree limbs laying on the deck and the birds hunting for more peanut butter. As Lou and I looked out our bathroom window, we noted that the wind had blown boards off our white board fence that surrounds our property. We were away most of the afternoon and evening yesterday and when we returned home, found we had been without power for a number of hours.

I will back up a bit with the blog, as I missed several days. We spent Friday outside all day long. We went for our normal two mile walk and as we were starting our walk we noticed a bee nest on the sign next to where we park our car to walk. You can see from the picture that it is on both sides of the sign.

We finished the garden and indeed got all of the seeds into the ground, thankfully they are in the warm ground and not above to be frozen tonight. Lou used his weedeater while I was using mine and we made quick work of the banks out back and finished up around the house. After we finished all of that, Lou looked around and said that the yard would look better if it were cut again before the weekend, so while I cleaned up all of our tools and put things away, he cut the grass for the third time since we have returned. I had fixed dinner while we were preparing breakfast and had everything ready to go into the oven, so dinner was already for us when we both finished.

After dinner, I went back out and washed some windows on the outside, fed the birds and pulled out a few of our yard decorations. As it started to get dark, Lou went to his house to check the mail and take things to his sister's house. I quickly went through the house and dusted, ran the sweeper and cleaned bathrooms, and by the time he got back, we had time to sit down and enjoy a movie together.

Saturday morning, we got up to a clean organized home again, and decided with all of the wind we would walk a little later in town, as we had errands to do and wanted to do some visiting at the Green Home. By the time I had finished the laundry, hanging it all outside in the wind to dry, we enjoyed a late lunch and headed to town. I had eight huge garbage bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill, so we dropped them off and then to the Green Home to visit with Brion's father, what a delightful visit we had with him and stayed much longer than we had anticipated and by the time we left there, the specialty shops I had wanted to stop at were closed.

We stopped at Susie and Tim's house to drop off several items and chatted with them, and ended up staying and having dinner with them. It was so nice to have home cooking by someone different, she even made home-made Johnny Cake to go with her baked Goulash. All was a treat to Lou and I and we spent the evening talking with them and catching up on the happenings of a three month time slot.

When we returned home we found a cold house, and a dog that was glad to see someone. We put in a Netflix movie, had a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed "Tuesdays with Moory." An enjoyable day and evening all the way around.

Today Lou and I went to church, of which we had a good attendance, and a wonderful sermon on Lydia, from Acts 16. Our pastor had chosen hymns that are old favorites of the congregation, the first one being Lou's, In the Garden, and the last one being one of mine, It is Well with my Soul. We had coffee hour after church, then Lou took me out to dinner. We chose Babb's Creek Inn and enjoyed a fine dinner and drove home in a flurry of snow! Wonder what next Sunday will bring?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Country

May 6th - Thursday Thundershowers last pm w/ 1/2 inch rain - Sunny and very breezy today - High 68 degrees

After several phone calls this am we were finally off for our walk. Today we did three miles and covered some territory that we haven't walked before, I had missed two days due to my cold, so I was ready to sit by the time we got back home.

I sat long enough to change from my walking shoes to my work shoes. We were back at the garden again; however, after the rain last night it was too wet to plant and Lou wanted to finish the fence around the garden. He had an appointment at 2:00 this afternoon, so we didn't get finished.

While he was gone I started the push mower, (Shawn your little fix worked just fine thanks again for you work)and cut as much of the area that Lou couldn't cut with the riding mower, we still have some pretty wet spots around the barn. After I finished that I got the hated weed eater out and started around the many fence posts and the building and on to the bank. I worked until 5:00 when Lou came home and it will take me at least another three hours to finish up around the barn area before I can start on what we have around the house. As people travel by our home, they don't realize how much area we have behind our house and down the steps leading to the barn and tack room. Sure looks good when it is all finished.

Last fall Lou and I decided we would break up some of the large rocks that we mow around, to make mowing a bit easier. Kris and I had tackled some of them the year after my late husband died, but it was a pretty hard job and then I worked on splitting some of them up also. This spring Lou has decided to do something constructive with them. We have had wood chucks move in this spring so he is breaking up rocks and stuffing the holes full and if they did out we are going to bomb them. I could write a book on my adventures with the varmints here on our little farmette. In fact, Dr. Nespola drew me a couple pictures depicting some of my adventures. A single woman living by herself learns how to do many things in many different ways some of which I do not care to repeat. Estee has been a good companion on some of these adventures.

It was a wonderful day to dry laundry and I had my lines full, they all smelled so good tonight and we are anxious to crawl into the fresh sheets tonight.

Janet and Brion had given us a beautiful burgundy gourd bird house at Christmas time, so today, I used my trusty step ladder that Krista bought for me and climbed up the weeping cherry tree and hung the new bird house. We will be able to watch it from the kitchen window. So far we have a bird house full of blue bird eggs, a robin nest in the barn, tree swallows in a house, chickadee building in a house and phoebes near the tack room. Still haven't seen the wrens. All are interesting to watch, and I try to post my findings with Nest Watch at Cornell.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Outside Day

May 5th - Wednesday - Sunny (summertime?) 80's

Lou and I are beginning to think that we needed to come home a little sooner, there is so much that is screaming for attention, we hardly know where to start or stop.

I went out early with the intent of finishing up the 50 some rose bushes that we have. We both love them, but they take a lot of time and work. We had the old wood cut off, but they needed to be fertilized and all of the cuts needed to be glued, and I finally have the job finished, even noted some tiny bugs on them that need to be sprayed. I then finished spraying Roundup on weeds that are not needed. I went through three gallons of that.

I had dug up some flowers that I wanted to take to Lou's house, as the rabbits ate everything that he planted last year. So we made a quick trip over there, and of course, it always takes longer than one would think, but all of them are in the ground and watered, so hopefully they will do well. I like to keep blooming flowers in the bed by the garage, so when the kids come to use the house, it is a friendly greeting, as their mother always had many flowers.

Lou once again tackled the garden, after the two mile walk. He has the soil worked up so nicely it looks like a bed of ashes, we were finishing up the white fence that goes around it when we noted the time, and realized we had to shower, eat and get to our square dance class by 6:30 pm.

By the time we got to our class it had already started. I was really dreading the class, as I have been away for 12 classes, so thought I would forget all that I had learned, but I was surprised, I did well, and was pushed through a couple of the new things, that I didn't know. I do so enjoy it when I don't get mixed up. It was so good to see the folks that I had gotten acquainted with again. I wasn't able to talk much, as I still don't have much of a voice. Hopefully, this antibiotic will help with that.

Now if it rains tomorrow, I can get my house cleaned up a bit and attend to some phone calls that need to be made, and then we need to get the RV cleaned out and ready to go again. Seems like we have a sunny list and a rainy day list.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting ready for a Garden & Prom Dress

May 4th - Tuesday Sunny, hail stones, rain and sun again

Today was a rather eventful day. I have had the good fortune of catching a cold again, and can barely speak out loud, so Lou took his two mile walk without me, by the time he was back home, I had dragged myself out of bed and made up the bed.

By the time we had breakfast and were ready to head outside, it was sprinkling, but Lou wanted to get the lawn cut again, so kept at it, as did neighbors on both sides of us, so tonight all the lawns on our end of the road look good. When it started to hail, he came in and we had a quick lunch and then back at it again. He dug up some good top soil to tamp around the white board fence and then dumped the rest of it into the garden. We marked out the new perimeters of the garden and I went to work digging up the plants that needed to be moved and transplanted then to their new homes. I also dug up some spent tulips and crocus to replant this fall.

While we were working on that Krista, Steve and Michelle stopped to tell us the good news of Krista's cancer. She had a PET Scan and it looked good, she doesn't have to go back for three months, can have her port removed, and can stop her Coumadin. They even gave her a purple T shirt with "I survived cancer". This was an answer to many prayers over the last year.

Michelle also picked up her new prom dress that she had ordered and wanted to model it for us, you can see how pleased she was with her purchase, which she did purchase with her own money, from working two jobs this year. Lou was fascinated by the back of her dress and had to take a picture of it also.

Back to work and we hauled stones and filled up the woodchuck holes, so we can watch them now and can bomb the active ones. Poor Estee wants to go every place that Lou goes, and her bad leg won't allow it, so now he is taking her on the tractor with him and she sits and waits for him to pick her up, did I mention that he has spoiled the dog? I don't know who loves whom the most.

I harvested fresh asparagus for dinner tonight and grilled pork steaks for dinner, and had some homemade applesauce with it and some leftover corn. Needless to say, we were both pooped and had an early shower and enjoyed NCIS on tv this evening.