Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fast Passing Week

September 26th - Sunday - Overcast and cooler

Does anyone else feel like fall is coming quickly this year. This past week has been a beautiful week here in northeast Pennsylvania.

Last Saturday as you remember we went to Morris for dinner and an evening of square dancing with some of our friends. It was a beautiful drive going down 287 to Morris, the trees indeed are changing quickly. We had a nice dinner in the clubhouse and then a very cool evening of square dancing. Once the sun went down, it certainly got cool.

On Monday, we spent the majority of the day with the RV at Spitzer's in Williamsport, but it does seem that the repairs have taken care of the problems we were having with the steps and the brakes. Still had the cracked manifold to have repairs, so Lou was off to Mitchell's in Mansfield where he and Moe have worked on replacing the manifold and of course, that brought additional problems. They found that a gasket was cracked and a new one couldn't be located, so that job was put off again until Saturday. Thank goodness, we have ordered a new RV and we can not wait for the delivery of that in ten weeks. This has been a dream for my husband and thanks to some facts that have just surfaced, this dream is coming true for him.

Wednesday was another busy day, I was off to Wellsboro to get a perm and then home to bake goodies for Square dancing. Joanne Niles and I were in charge of the evening snacks and we used a fall theme and made snacks with pumpkin, nuts and heavier desserts. We all met at Country Terrace and entertained the residents for an hours before our regular dance. It was a wonderful evening for Lou and I as we were able to visit with some old friends that are now residents at Country Terrace. We came away thanking God that both of us had our health and were the healthy, active couple that we are.

Thursday was our day to help Krista and Steve dismantle shelves that were build in the basement of my homestead and reassemble them in the barn at our house. When my daddy built them, he had made them very secure, as Lou and Steve really had to work on them to take them down. My brother brought the hay wagon up for us to load them on along with some more of the ceramic molds. Lou, Krista and I rebuilt them in our barn, a job that Lou and I finished yesterday, so that job is all done. We still have more ceramic molds to load up and bring down, hopefully, that will be finished this week.

Friday morning, Lou and I had appointments in Mansfield and once they were out of the way, we started on some of the yard work we need to get done here at home prior to cold weather. The only problem was, it got dark too quickly, and we are far from being done. We had spent the majority of Friday afternoon trying to find a cemetery lot that was not on the map Lou had, as the grave has to be opened on Sunday for a burial on Monday. Finally, after deep research the site was found and the family notified that it had been located and marked ready of opening.

Saturday I packed Lou's lunch and he was off to spend the day at the garage with the RV to replace the cracked gasket. I went into town to get groceries and to pick up a new cell phone and to spend a little time with my granddaughter that was home from college for a few hours. Then back to yard work. Lou and I both have problems with our hands, Dr. Nespola tells us that our hands have done too much hard work in the past and need tender care now. I tried to cut off all of the iris we have in our yard and was running into shooting pain with each cut, so I remembered an electric knife that Krista had gotten me to cut the root systems with, so thought maybe it would work to cut the iris off and bingo, it works like a dream, I was able to get all of the flowers cut off in the front yard yesterday with minimal discomfort.

Lou finally called me about 5:00 last evening to tell me he was back at his house with the RV and needed a ride back to Mansfield to pick up the Buick and bring it back home. Thankfully, it is complete and ready for our campout in October. We sat down together and enjoyed a dinner of stuffed pork chops with Brussel sprouts and a tossed salad and for dessert I fixed one of Lou's favorites German chocolate cake. We actually took the evening off and enjoyed a movie.

The upcoming weeks brings some inside projects as long as we have some much needed rain on the way. Need to have our Malibu serviced and some book work needs to be done.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Ceramics

September 16th - Thursday Light rain all day Low 37 degrees - high 62 degrees

Today was the day that Lou needed to take the Buick to the garage, and he spent the entire day there, in fact did not return home until after 7:30 this evening.

Krista had a job interview this morning and then to our house and she and I tackled the ceramic shop, cleaning and getting it ready to pour greenware. We have put the extra square dancing on hold until we get all of the molds unpacked and sorted.

Yesterday, Lou finished up the floor in the "shop", that is what he is going to call his new hobby dwelling. We have the woodworking tools all moved in and now need to do the last minutes touches to it. He helped Krista and I work in the big barn, where we sorted through lumber and made room for more molds and cleared a spot to put up additional shelves to house the new molds. Lou and Krista designed a new pouring area in the barn, so they can pour the large items down there and not have to transport the large molds. Lou just has to secure one area of this new design and they will be ready to pour.

Today Krista and spent six hours working in the ceramic shop. It was cool out there, so we built a fire in the wood stove and put the screen on the stove and both of us enjoyed watching the fire when we passed by. By the time I moped the floor and ran the vacuum, it was looking pretty good. Krista is going to pour tomorrow and one of her girl friends is coming to do some painting, will be a nice day for the two of them.

Lou and I are going to the RV show in Hershey tomorrow. Will meet Preston and Susie on the way down and they will also attend.

Saturday night, Lou and I are going with friends to a square dance in Morris.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Final Day at Centre Hall

Final Day of National Muster - September 14th - Tuesday
Sunny 65 degrees Beautiful

We are on our way home after spending nine days in Centre Hall, PA. It was a fun time and a lot of work. The majority of the folks in our Keystoners Club stayed an extra day to clean up and that job was taken care of quickly with many hands and that gave all of us an afternoon to rest and do whatever we wanted to do.

Those of you that know me, know that I don’t sit around easily, and I had been sitting at the First Aid Station for all of these days and I was ready to accomplish something. I cleaned out cupboards in the RV while Lou was working at the dump station and then after lunch, we tackled the compartments under the RV and now they are all cleaned out and orderly, a job I have been wanting to do for some time. I really felt good about that. We finished our jobs just in time to get cleaned up and change our clothes to go out to dinner with our group last evening. We went to Mt Nittany Restaurant which overlooks the valley where we were camping. The elevation at the restaurant was 1809 feet and the view was breathtaking. I am posting some of the pictures I took from our table. Not only was the view delightful, as was our dinner. We started out with French onion soup, French bread with cinnamon and honey butter, for an entrĂ©e, I chose, a filet, baked potato with sour cream and butter and fresh cauliflower, a side salad with creamy raspberry dressing and for dessert I had warm pecan pie and the best coffee I have had in ages. Lou enjoyed seafood scampi and for dessert he had cheesecake.

It is a good thing we have lots to do when we return home to ready our homes and RV for winter, as we need lots of exercise and less food.

We were up early this am and got everything packed up and put away. This was a challenge, as due to change in officers with our local club there was many things to bring home to be sorted through and made ready for the next camp out which Lou and I along with Steve and June Bahr are going to host. This will be the weekend of October 14th in Adamstown, PA. June and I are looking forward to this, as we will be camping in the woods and it will be fall, our favorite time of the year. We have our menus planned and our decorations along with a special craft that we want to do. Good times ahead of us.
Next week is shaping up to be a very busy week. We will start out with square dancing tomorrow night, the Buick needs to be serviced on Thursday and hopefully, we will be able to attend the RV Show in Hershey on Thursday. So let’s get home and get unpacked and get the laundry done and packed up for the next time.

A special thanks to Krista for cutting the grass for us while we were gone and for she and Steve for picking the fresh produce in the garden. I want to get some tomatoes canned and some chili sauce made. Isn’t retirement grand??

National SMART Muster --5-

September 12th - Sunday
Day 5 National SMART Muster - Centre Hall, PA

We were awakened during the night by heavy rain, and as we travel along with our morning activities it is a misty rain, one that moved our morning worship activities inside. More on that later……

Last evening was our presentation of One Nation Under God. I am going to include many pictures of the presentation, as it was outstanding and certainly enjoyable by the huge number of people in attendance. We have taken Estee to all of the outside activities, as she is shut up all day in the RV, we felt guilty leaving her at night also. She is so good, we take our own lawn chairs and her blanket and she lays in Lou’s lap and takes in all of the sights, and never a peep out of her. On these cool evenings, Lou wraps her up in her blanket and she snuggles down with a little sigh that lets him know she is content.

Last evening’s production went on for over an hour. The narrative part of the program was done by a gentleman dressed as George Washington and he gave the complete history of our country along with the history of the many flags the United States have had. All of the presenters of the flags were dressed in the proper costume of that era which made the pageant very meaningful. For the entire program patriotic music was playing the background. At the end they presented the flags for all of the branches of the service and had all of the members of each branch stand. I don’t think I ever felt more proud to be an American than I did at that point. It was a fabulous evening and one that will stand in my memory for years to come.

This morning after breakfast our church service consisted of a four man quartet from Maryland and they sang all southern gospel music, so those of you that know me, know that this was also a highlight of my National Muster. I was just what I needed to make my week here complete. I sang right along with them, as the songs sung were all ones that I knew. The message was right out of a southern revival meeting. It is alright to be a good person and do good things; however, that isn’t going to get you into Heaven, you must accept Christ as your savior and repent of your sins and then we are guaranteed a mansion in Heaven with our savior. Praise God for that one faithful promise.

We had a catered lunch today, and I will work my shift of l:00 to 5:00,dinner is on our own this evening and our closing program at 7:00 this evening. Tomorrow our group the Keystoners will clean up and put things away here at the fairgrounds. We are all going out to dinner tomorrow evening in State College and then be ready to hook up and start for home Tuesday morning.

National SMART Muster -3-

National Muster Day - 3 -

September 10th - Friday Partly cloudy and cool

The official opening day was Wednesday and it was a very busy day for all concerned. Lou spent two four hour shifts checking in rigs and parking them. The entrance gate is some distance from the parking area, therefore, the guys and gals are using golf carts and bicycles to direct the rigs to their proper site.
I believe the final count is 190 rigs.

You will note at the opening ceremony it was cold and windy, the temperature was 62 degrees and the wind was gusting up to 35 miles per hour. I was thankful that I had my ear muffs and blankets as we sat in the stadium.

I have had several very interesting cases in the First Aid Center than I man on a four hour status. One other nurse mans the station for the other four hours and we will see patients in our rigs the other 16 hours. The majority of mine have been in the rig and Lou has handled it pretty well until last evening, when a gentleman in his pajamas knocked on the door and stated he needed me in a hurry, his wife was very ill. The girl has just had a pacemaker implanted for atrial fib. Something that I am all too familiar with. I left the rig in my nighty and barefoot, and found the patient vomiting stating that her heart was out of rhythm. After reassuring them that we had no way of making an accurate diagnosis of atrial fib without an EKG we decided the best thing was to get her to the ER. Thankfully, the patient had a list of her medication with her along with the last hospitalization discharge notes. Can’t stress how important this is for any one that travels. A complete list of all current medications and how they are being taken and the latest notes from your primary care physician and a recent EKG are so helpful to a new physician.

As the husband programmed the GPS with the address of the nearest ER, I washed the patient up and changed her nighty and dressed her warmly for the ride and they were off. We had phoned the ER and they had felt pt could be driven in as easy as an ambulance could be sent out. Thinking this was probably more a viral thing than atrial fib.

Finally, back home to an anxious husband and dog, I again washed up and was ready for bed. Knowing that Lou and I had breakfast detail and we had to be up at 4:00 am and to the kitchen by 4:30. Was a very short night, but all in all a life that we both enjoy.

We met up with five other couples at 4:30 this am, and I had made two pots of coffee here at home to take with us, so we could all enjoy coffee as he readied breakfast for the 400 people that would ascend on us starting at 6:00 am. All went very well and I do believe everyone was satisfied with their breakfasts.

Realizing at 8:30 am that poor Estee was still inside, I rushed home to get her out and there she sat at the entry way with her head down and I knew I had waited too long, we didn’t scold her, just cleaned up and Lou and she set off on a walk, while I prepared a pot of tea and a scone. Both of us realized we hadn’t eaten breakfast, just drank some coffee……

Lou had to travel with the 50-50 jug and tickets, so he went back to work and I cleaned up the RV and got ready for my turn at the First Aid Station at 1:00 pm. I checked in on the two patients that I had been monitoring rather closely and both are improving. The gal that went to the hospital last night was kept and was found to be dehydrated, so IV’s were started and they will keep her tonight, they increased her medication for atrial fib. As a precautionary, but felt that now she was experiencing diarrhea, that it was a viral thing and would be easily solved.

Tonight Lou and I are looking forward to the entertainment, as our SMART friend Bill Zinnert, will be presenting his program of “show and tell” of the history of the flags and the uniforms for all branches of the service dating from 1632 to the present. Bill and his wife Joan were one of our camping buddies in Key West last winter. Very special folks to us.

The pictures of the valley were taken on Wagoner Road, the elevation was about 1500 feet and the view was wonderful. Lou and I escaped yesterday after my shift ended at 1:00 and drove to Carlisle so I could get a new ID card and this was a view we had on the hour and half drive from Centre Hall to Carlisle. We arrived home just in time to go out to dinner with our friends June and Steve Bahr. We ate at Whistle Stop, which is an old rail way car converted into a lovely Victorian Restaurant. The food was excellent, and we all enjoyed barbequed chicken and ribs. June and I finished our meal with a delightful cheesecake.

Now it is time for me to be off and take care of whatever comes my way.


Day 4 SMART National Muster - September 11th - Saturday
Sunny, slight breeze 77 degrees high 42 degrees low

Lou and I have each put our shift in for the day and are free for almost an hour, before we meet up with the rest of the gang for dinner. I am attaching pictures of our lunch group to give you an idea of how many people are here. The final count is 188 rigs and 386 people in attendance.

This morning we were able to sleep in until 6:30 and after the last few mornings, that was a pleasure. It is easy to see now that the early and long hours are beginning to tell on all of these elderly retired people. I have heard many folks remark that they are going back to their rigs for a short nap and ask someone to cover for them. They come back to their posts with sleepy wrinkles on their faces along with their smiles and are ready to go again.

We have a couple of guys that drive the big John Deere Farm tractor with the attached covered wagon to just pick people up at their rigs and deliver them to the site of their choice. We see people using walkers and canes and happy to be able to still get out and go. I give these folks all of the credit in the world. Go while you still can.

Our friend, Bill Zinnert did his special program with the flag and the military uniforms last night. Finally we had an evening of entertainment that could be enjoyed. The evenings have been ever so cold and windy that it was difficult to truly enjoy the programs, but last night, it finally cleared off and the wind subsided. I spoke about Bill’s presentation is the Blog post prior to this one, so won’t go into a lot of detail. It was wonderful, and with my love of history, I found it so interesting. I had no idea we had an Abraham Lincoln flag, but we did and it was a special one made just for President Lincoln and his coffin was draped with it and it was buried with his body.

Lou is still selling 50/50 raffle cards, and really doesn’t have to work at it, people come to him to buy them, and if they can’t locate him, they hunt him down. One of our friends won almost $300.00 on Friday night.

Preston and Susie drove down on Saturday morning and dropped off hand thrown items that Preston has made and donated to the organization. They were place in the silent auction and we will know the results of that tomorrow. He made a variety of things, from batter bowls, casseroles, coffee pots, tea pots, mugs, honey pots and sugar bowls. Everyone is always anxious to see what he is bringing, and hopefully, the auction will be high on these items.

Tonight our entertainment is a patriotic pageant , “One Nation Under God” and it is produced by Woody and Jean Miller. It promises to be a good night to have an activity