Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Gifts

May 28th - Rainy

I think it is a good thing we are  having a rainy day today, as we have spent several days working outside and our muscles need a day to catch up and rest.

The picture above is a picture of three pots of tulips that my granddaughter, Michelle brought to us for Memorial Day.  They are really different, they are basically a white tulip tinged in red.  She felt bad to know that the little chipmunks had delighted in eating most of our tulips bulbs, so we didn't get to enjoy their blooms this spring, so she solved that problem by purchasing up new blooming tulips and now we can plant the bulbs after they finish blooming.

After lunch yesterday, I went outside and worked on our roses.  We have 48 rose bushes, and all were in need of being pruned, fertilized, glued and sprayed and it took me all afternoon to accomplish that job.  Michelle came down and asked me if I would like her to spread mulch on some of my beds while I was working on my roses.  Wow!!  I could hardly believe my ears, it didn't take me long to answer her, she grabbed her dad's wheelbarrow and went to work with the help of two little girls that her mother was baby sitting and they all helped with the task at hand, don't the beds look good?  Sure made this grandma happy.

In fact, I decided this year, I would hire someone to weed eat the bank, as it is just too hard for Lou and I to do, and I have found the Mosso boys willing to do it and they did a great job and will do it when ever I call them.  That way Lou and I can do other things that need to be done outside.  Lou has been trying to haul some rock away that have collected over the years and has been getting rid of rotted tree stumps, trying to mow more with the hand mower.  It is really looking good where he has worked.  I have planted a lot of wild flower seeds also.

We had a frost here on Sunday morning and hopefully that is our last one and now we can finish our garden.

Brion and Janet were at Lou's house this weekend and they did all of his lawn work and his yard looks great also.    They both work in his lawn, and it always shows up with the loving care they give to all of it.

Krista has been helping me divide my daffodils, they haven't been done in a number of years, so we have planted over 300 new bulbs at her house and mine, should be pretty in a couple of years, but the squirrels keep digging mine up.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Day to Explore

Wednesday - May 22nd - Hot and Humid

Yesterday after our SMART meeting, we decided to take in the sights.  I had done a little research on the computer and found that we were close to the Yuengling Brewery, so thought it would be great to tour the brewery.  We had thought of it once before, but found that I didn't have the necessary shoes to take the tour.  You must have closed shoes.  We plugged the address into our On Star and we were off.  We arrived at the Brewery 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the tour, just enough time to explore the gift shop/museum.

The tour was amazing, as it took us through the working Brewery, showing us how the "cereal" was cooked, how and when the hops were added.  The process of the beer being put into cans or bottles capped, and pasteurized, and packaged ready to be shipped.  So different to the many winery's that we have visited over the years.

We found it interesting that during Prohibition the Yuengling family made Ice Cream in a factory across from the Brewery.  What is the saying about lemons??

After we left the Brewery we ventured to a restaurant that Brion had told us about called Vito's, which features a coal fired oven.  Once again I had the address of the restaurant and our "lady" guided us to our destination.  Lou ordered French Onion Soup, which he thought needed some extra flavor and also a steak and cheese pizza.  He ate two pieces and we brought the rest of it home for dinner.  I ordered a small order of pasta with two meatballs with the thought in mind it seemed to specialize in Italian, this should be great.  It really lacked taste, perhaps I am critical, as I used a lot of fresh herbs in my sauce, and my own sauce is much better, so I was disappointed; however, the bread that was coal oven baked was delicious.

From there we drove up route 61 and went to Swatara State Forest and walked along a hiking path for a little while, enjoying the fresh air and the river.  All in all it was a wonderful day that we enjoyed and learned something new.
Our SMART group
The Yuengling Ice Cream Factory

Inside the Brewery

The Cereal Cooker

Looking Inside the Cereal Cooker

The Painted Murals on the Walls

The cans on the assembly line

The lids being placed on the cans

The cans going up to be to pasteurized 


The entrance to the Restaurant 

Decorations inside (note the piece of coal)

The beginning of our walking trail

The river


Monday, May 20, 2013

SMART Muster - Pine Grove, PA

This is the "Hub" of where we are camped

A view of a clubhouse and the Ferris Wheel

The Band Shell

The Ferris Wheel

The building that houses the Merry-Go-Round

The Blimp
May 20th - Monday - SMART Muster at Pine Grove,  Pennsylvania

This is our first SMART Muster of the year and we had a good turn out.  We have 10 rigs in attendance and two new couples which delight all of us, as we had two couples turn in their RV keys last year and we dearly miss both of them.

It was misting rain last night when we pulled into our sight, and we drove through some pretty thick fog getting here, but all in all it was a safe trip which we thank the Lord for.  Lou had his last cataract removed on Thursday and his surgery went fine and he was able to drive this trip without glasses, and he keeps remarking on how bright colors are, so we certainly know that the surgery was a success.

Today after a meeting of the group with coffee and doughnuts, Lou and I took a walk and got a view of the lovely camping area, it is really a lovely area and would be a delight for a family with children; however, they are really not in full operation until Memorial Day, but I can imagine after Memorial Day, it will be swinging with activities of all kinds.

We went out for lunch today and were glad that we did, as we got to see a blimp and as you can see we were able to get a picture of it.  Tonight we had a pot luck dinner, the main course was pulled pork barbecue and turkey barbecue and we certainly had a lot of sides to go with it and for dessert we had three different cheesecakes and brownies.  Great eats were enjoyed by all.  Now we will all have a campfire tonight after everyone walks their dogs and clean up their kitchens.

It is kinda sad, we are parked next to a seasonal rental spot that has a fenced in spot with two Yorkie dogs, think they would miss one of them??  It wouldn't be Estee.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Again

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the background
Old house nestled in the woods

Old forgotten out buildings

Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, VA

The pool at Candy Hill

Campground at Bristol, TN

Welcome Site at home
May 13th - Monday - Cold even snow flurries today

We are home and sad but true we have freeze warnings for tonight.  After enjoying 84 degrees in Tennessee, it is cold to us now.

After having a lovely church service and coffee hour yesterday, Lou and I did something that we normally do not do on Sunday, we came home and changed our clothes and went to work.  We spent the day cutting grass and running the weed eater.  We cut grass through rain drops, sleet and high wind, but by golly we got it all done before dark, and we sure were glad to come inside and turn on the heat.

We celebrated Mother's Day by grilling steak on the grill and having home made mince meat pie for dessert with a steaming pot of coffee.  Krista called early in the morning to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, and Matthew and Michelle came down last evening with beautiful cards in hand and Scott called last evening and Susie mailed a pretty card, so it was a nice day all the way around.

We had a nice trip to Tennessee, and of course, the time went very quickly, as we needed to get home and get ready for Lou's surgery on Thursday, and then we get the RV cleaned and repacked for our next trip on Sunday, so this will be a busy week, of catching up and getting things done at home.  The flowers and trees are beautiful and such an array of birds at the feeders.  Krista and Steve kept the feeders full while we were away and it has paid off, as today we had the white topped sparrows, which normally do not visit our area and the pine siskins were here to visit also.  The homing pigeon is still here and seems in no hurry to leave.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

The Creek by our campsite at Fort  Campbell

Outside of Spencer's Area  101st Special Troops
Janet, Spencer and Brion
Entrance to Spencer's Area

May 9th - Fort Campbell, Ky - Tennessee 84 Degrees

We have had a few busy days here with Spencer, seeing the sights at the Fort.  Lou and I  have been here before and it really has not changed much since our last visit.  

They have had lots and lots of rain prior to our arrival, in fact where our RV was sitting, that had been under water and the flooding debris was still there, the camp ground workers were busy at work trying to remove  it and to freshen up the area.  Many whole trees had come down the creek and were being pulled out with heavy equipment.

The ducks and geese seemed to be comfortable with the water and were happily swimming along with the high water and the kids were back to fishing in the fishing pools.

We took advantage of several of the local restaurants and had really good meals.  Lou and I took advantage of the huge PX and commissary, I purchased pork roasts for $.97 per pound and 93% fat free hamburg for $2.87 per pound, brand name cereal for $2.00 a box, we filled our freezer and our trunk full.  We usually do that on our way home from Florida; however not going this year, we didn't get to do that this year.

Yesterday Brion and Janet left to return home, and Lou and I got the RV cleaned up, did all of the laundry, took a walk in the woods and I fixed a dinner of home made lasagna, tossed salad, garlic bread, blueberry bars with vanilla ice cream. and we enjoyed a Clint Eastwood movie, before a hot shower and bed.

Today we have driven 338 miles and are spending the night in Johnson City, TN.  Tomorrow we are going to have to find a Ford garage, as we do not have any A/C in o

Sunday, May 5, 2013

On Our Way

May 5th - Sunday
We left home yesterday at 1:30 pm it was a beautiful sunny spring day with a few puffy clouds.  Spring flowers are at their peak at home.  Forsythia, Azalea. June Berry are in full bloom and trees are starting to bud as we head south on route 15 to Harrisburg.

I love the drive to Harrisburg, the many memories, old and new as we drive along.  The first an old memory as we drive past the country home of our deceased friends, Chick and Donna Dahlgren, oh how they hated the thought of route 15 going through their rural farm land.  Chick died prior to its completion.  Their beautiful home, stables, and lake are very visible from the RV as we travel along 15 and I remember sharing many hours of horse back riding, chats on the porch and a mug of hot coffee and watching the fish in the lake.  Now Donna has joined Chick in heaven and someone else lives in the home; however, they are also taking good care of the property, but I never see horses.

Further down the road are the windmills , a modern addition to the skyline.  I just love watching them and love to see additional ones going up throughout our travels.  I would love to have one on our hillside.  Maybe it goes back to the memories of my grandparents farm as a child.  I used to love to watch and listen to them.  My grandparents depended on it working for their supply of water and emergency electricity.

We stopped in Williamsport for gasoline and were delighted to find it at Sam's Club for $3.29 per gallon.  I sat in my seat while Lou filled the tank with 48 gallons and kept thinking there was something that I should be doing, and yes, there was I normally would have been taking Estee for a walk while he was filling up.  Just another reminder that she wasn't with us.

It was amazing to see that the leaves were out on the trees, we had traveled only 70 miles and what a difference.  In Sunbury, we noted that alfalfa hay had been cut, raked and was ready to be baled.  Dogwood and Lilacs were in bloom.

We arrived in Carlisle - Western Village RV park at 5:15 pm.  We quickly unhooked and drove to Camp Hill to Brion and Janet's house to pick them up and out to dinner.  We ate dinner at Bonefish Grill, then back to the park for the night.  We left this morning at 8:30 and drove to Bristol, Tennessee this evening.

We enjoyed dinner of Chicken, biscuits and gravy, peas, cranberry sauce and for dessert we had blueberry bars and vanilla ice cream and coffee.

We hope to get an early start in the morning and to at Fort Campbell by 2:00 pm.  Everything has gone well thus far.  Praise God

Friday, May 3, 2013

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Our Azalea Bush 
Forsythia Bush
Side Deck

Weeping Cherry Tree

May 3rd - Another Beautiful Spring Day

Back to Physical Therapy and after all of the cleaning, washing windows and such that I have done this week, my shoulder is in pretty good shape, wish I could say the same for my back and hips, still have to work with exercise on both and will take my equipment with me when we leave on Saturday.

Some of my favorite birds are back also, we have spotted the red breasted grosbeaks and the rufous sided towhee.  The next one to arrive should be the indigo bunting.  We certainly have enjoyed the spring this year, thankfully, we have not had a lot of killing frosts and the spring bushes and flowers have been just beautiful.  I am afraid that our flowering crabapple will bloom while we are away, that is always a beauty.  I know we will have some pretty sights on the way to Tennessee, such pretty country.

I will post to our blog as we have internet, if I remember we did not have internet at Fort Campbell, but will do the best we can to keep everyone informed of our travels.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Goes On

Could this be a homing Pigeon? 

You can almost see the band on her leg

The band is clearer to view in this shot
May 2nd - Beautiful Spring Day

Isn't our God wonderful?  After missing Estee so much every time we turn around; Lou was down working on her grave and while he was leveling off the dirt getting ready to plant grass seed, this lovely pigeon walked up beside of him.  He started talking to her and she picked around in the dirt and stayed with Lou all afternoon.  Finally when it was time for Lou to come to the house to get ready to go our for our anniversary dinner, he told the pigeon, he was going to have to go to the house, she followed him to the house.

Lou came in and told me about her so I went out to take a peek at her and we noticed that she had a band on her leg.  Lou decided he would go get some sunflower seeds and see if she would eat them, she certainly did eat them, the whole handful, so he got another handful.

We got ready to go out for dinner and she was still here and was still here today.  I spent the afternoon washing the car and cleaning it out ready for our trip to Tennessee on Saturday and she kept going to the road, and I saw her fly up in the air as a truck went by and he clipped her and some feathers flew, but she seems to be fine, she stayed with me all afternoon, and just before I came in she flew down to our barn.

Krista posted a note about her on Facebook and hopefully the owner will hear about her and come to get her.  We found the owner of a dog that way last week.

It has been an interesting week, we had a visit from a bear on Tuesday night, and he tore the bird feeders up, so Lou spent Wednesday morning putting them back together.  This is the first bear visit we have had in four years.