Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Catch Up with Pictures

June 25th - Tuesday - Hot and very humid

My out of town family have reminded me that I have not posted anything for the month of June and I see that they are correct, so to catch everyone up on a very busy month, I will just post some pictures that I have taken of our many activities with some captions, along with a promise to do better in the month of July.

We attended my Aunt Marilyn's funeral in Erie, PA on the 8th of June.  This is my cousin Russ and his wife Sherry Bush

We celebrated Matthew's second birthday on the 15th of June at his Aunt Missy's house and it is always a delight, as we get to have a picnic and watch the Laurel Festival from her shaded yard.  A wonderful time was had by all of us.

You can see Matthew loved to ride in his cousin Nick's car with his new friend that his Grandma Torpy made for him.  Matthew loves anything that goes Varoom and has wheels!

This was his big present, and what fun this was, works great  on  Grandpa  Rice's driveway.

The best act in the Laurel Festival

Pastor Keith doing his last communion  using the new chalice and  plate that  we had Preston make  for him as a going away present.  Pastor was touched by the act of kindness

Pastor and Kathy singing as they often did throughout their five year ministry with us.

Pastor Keith singing Thank You by Ray Boltz

Lou with his new toy that Janet and Brion gave him for Father's Day

Close examination of the Power Mulit-Tool

Finally have the fountain operating


Lou used his new power tool with the sanding wedges on this and removed all of the rust, then used the saw blades and cut the legs off even, painted it and we purchased a plant dish and planted flowers, added a hummingbird feeder.

We stained all of the decks, railing and all of the deck furniture after the ceiling and all were scrubbed down, this all took several days.  I sewed new cushions and pillows.

Lou made a marker for Estee's gravesite and planted her favorite flower, pansies.  She would eat them as fast as we could give them to her.  He did the engraving himself and used his new tool to polish the rock.

He continues to haul rock from the bank, to enable mowing an easier task.

We made a new flower bed in front of Lou's work shop.

The bank where we have planted lots of new wild flowers and they are coming along great.  Lou faithfully waters them daily.

Lou, Krista, Matthew and I went to our cemetery and to Whitneyville to run the weed eater  as they just are not kept the way we would like to see them kept, and we water the flowers weekly also.

We have a lot of other things that need to be done here at home, we have work on our spouting scheduled for this weekend and am hoping that it isn't as hot for the guys to do the work.  We are going to get the barn painted and want to do that when the humidity isn't high.  Krista and Steve with help with that.  Last time that was done, was the year before Al died and Krista and Steve helped me do that.  We sprayed it and plan on doing it the same way, so you can see things are progressing along.

Have to get our  work done before the first of August, as we will be gone for the entire month and we are certainly looking forward to that.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Day in the Blueberry Patch

June 24th - Monday Hot and Humid 85 degrees
Lou and I both had appointments for our annual physicals this morning, and as soon as we finished there, we came home and changed our clothes and met Preston and Susie at the Homestead, as they drove up from Tyrone.  We decided to have a quick lunch first then tackle the job of taking the old netting off the blueberries.  Like most jobs that you think will be easy and quick this job started at 1:00 pm and ended at 8:00 pm.

Taking the old netting off and gluing the PCP Pipe in place

Pulling up the old wire along with weeds

After the old wire has been removed, weed eater run, old netting pulled down

Getting ready to put up the new fence

New fence post have been driven, starting to put new fence in place

Fencing is done, now for the ropes on the top

The finished product

Up close 

Good job done and now the blueberries can ripen ready to be harvested!!