Sunday, August 24, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Matthew's Latest Event

August 22nd - Friday - Cloudy and Humid

This is a picture of our youngest grandson, Matthew.  In the picture above, he is walking in the Kyle Lenhardt Memorial 5K Memorial Walk.  He completed 2.5 miles, which we all thought was pretty good for a three year old.  This was accomplished on the 16th of August at the Whitneyville Fair Grounds.  This is the picture that appeared in the Welllsboro Gazette and the picture was taken by Tim McBride.

Kyle died several years ago from asthma, his mother and Krista are good friends thus the involvement in this weekend long project.  Many folks volunteer hours and many items for the huge gently used indoors yard sale that happens prior to the 5K Memorial Walk.

The money earned goes towards a scholarship fund that is awarded each year at graduation.

Good going Matt!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One Set of Steps Completed

August 19th - Sunny and Warmer  78 degrees

We have had perfect weather to work on the new set of steps, as they are located on the west side of our house and in the summer it can get pretty hot out there in the afternoon.  A couple mornings we have had our furnace on and have worn our jackets most of the day, but today was a really nice day.

Lou has spent the day at the house on route 660 with Preston doing lawn work and I spent the morning baking a fresh blue berry pie and also an apple pie but the apple pie went into the freezer for a later date.  Those were the first pies I have made since my shoulder surgery and it was a task, but they turned out looking good, hopefully they will taste good.  I spent the afternoon running errands in Mansfield and Wellsboro and finished with my appointment with Dr. Joe and a stop at the grocery store.

I had decided that I wouldn't be needing my lab jackets any longer, so asked one of the gals that I worked with if she would like them and she was delighted with the idea, so I got them all out and washed and ironed them and dropped them off at the office for them.  I had twenty-five to pass along to her, she also had dark hair and wears the same size, she was pretty excited.  I had mixed feelings about it, as I certainly had enjoyed the many years I had worked with the dedicated staff at Pine Creek Internal Physicians.

We had a wonderful evening celebrating Lou's birthday and Lew and Joanne's anniversary.  We all saw so many folks at the Steak House that we knew, so we caught up on news from many folks, after dinner we stopped at Lew and Joanne's house for a drink and chatted some more, so we certainly made a full evening of entertainment out of the event.
Lou and Lew
Lou got a cupcake for his "birthday treat" and Lew and Joanne got a strawberry shortcake to share for their "anniversary treat".
Think I must have scared Lew

The "treats" were all compliments of the Steak House, which I thought was pretty nice of them, and our meal was delicious as usual.

Now we still have another set of steps to do along with a railing, then we start on the little barn.  I have the garage partly cleaned.  This weekend, we head to State College to Lou's granddaughter's wedding and the reception is being held in Clearfield, PA at their brewery. Should be a nice weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Husband

August 12, 2014 - Rainy

Today we celebrate my husband's 88th birthday.  He got up early and drove to Elmira to meet his retired buddies from Schweitzer's Aircraft for their monthly breakfast meeting then stopped by his daughter's house to chat with them, came home, changed his clothes and has gone to a friends house to help him finish enclosing his garage.  Does that sound like a typical day for a gentleman that is turning 88 years of age?  Probably not.  He isn't a typical  man of his age and that is one of the many reasons that we have such a delightful life together.

We now have been married a little over five years and that is after each of us spent many loving years of taking care of our deceased spouses.  We have certainly enjoyed these five years and plan on enjoying the rest of the years that the good Lord has left for us.

It seems like this summer has been extremely busy for us.  Lou has wanted to find a car for us to pull behind our motor home and not pull our new car and he finally found one in Jersey Shore.  It is a Saturn and this one was all set up to be pulled, as it had been pulled by its previous owner.  He purchased it and we drove it home and spent a whole day cleaning, polishing and getting it ready to go.  He is pretty happy with the final results.
Lou and his Saturn
We finally got our pump repaired int he motor home and got that back into the barn until our next muster in September, so I started cleaning the garage.  What a job that is going to be, with my shoulder and neck, I work a little every day.  Decided to do a good job, cleaning out all of the drawers and shelves; therefore, I have gotten rid of a lot of "stuff".  Krista and Michelle helped me do the loft early in the summer.

Lou and I have tried for two years to get someone to help us repair our little barn and build new steps on our porch, no luck, so on Monday Lou got a friend's truck and we purchased the lumber and we are going to try to do it ourselves.  I guess it is good that everyone has lots of work and there is no unemployment in our area!!  Little Matthew needs to grow up quickly, his sister has been a great help to me this summer.

Last night we went to Shawn and Maegan's to celebrate Ula's first birthday.  She is almost walking.  She stands and will take steps with assistance, so close.  When school starts, she will be home alone with Mommy, will be a change for her.  All of the kids are excited to start school, but Wyatt seemed to be the most excited, he wished we were at his house so he could show us his back pack and lunch box.  Those were great times!!

Tonight, we have reservations for dinner at the Steak House to celebrate Lou's birthday, and Lew and Joanne Niles are going to have dinner with us and we will also celebrate their anniversary.  This is a surprise to Lou, as he never wants to do anything special, but I know he will enjoy this special evening with these dear friends.