Sunday, September 13, 2015

Visit to Corning Museum

September 13th Sunday

I have been trying to do some fall housecleaning and have our bedroom and bathroom done and decided I needed to give my shoulder a rest, so we had planned on going to Windmill Market on Saturday, but when we awoke to rain, Lou suggested we go to the Corning Museum, as he knew I wanted to see the Pyrex display, so that was our day yesterday.

I had been employed at Corning in Wellsboro, PA in the early 60's after college and was deeply disappointed to not find one thing in the Museum that was made in our factory.  All of the Christmas decorations that were for sale in their gift shop were made in China!!  Maybe we all need to vote for Mr. Trump.  Indeed, there were many beautiful items on display and much time and effort have gone into bringing the museum into fruition and that can't be overlooked.  Local residents are given a huge discount on admission which was appreciated.  We did spend nearly four hours going through the  museum.
One of the stained glass windows

A glass display with crows
One thing I found very interesting was how they made window panes years ago.  I had always wondered why older window panes would have different depths of glass and now I know why.
Glass was poured in a circle and panes were cut from the circle and of course, the glass would flow downward making it thicker at the bottom and around the edges.

We had to walk outside and around several buildings to the library to see the display of Pyrex.  I was hugely disappointed in this.  I have seen more Pyrex in Goodwill stores than here, although it was interesting to see my yellow, red, green and blue bowl set sold new for $2.50.
I don't think a day goes by that I don't use my bowls.

I remember these, but don't have them anymore!

Maybe this all means that I am just getting old!!

This week promises to be cooler, so hopefully with Lou's help I can get some work done outside and some work done inside.  I have ordered a new lawn tractor and it will be delivered on Friday.  This will have power steering so should help me in a huge way.  Lots to get done before the leaves fall.


August Happenings

September 13th - Sunday - 53 Degrees low this am and cloudy

The month of August has moved along very quickly.  After we got Michelle moved  into her apartment, Lou fractured four ribs, so he was laid up and not able to do much, so I took over the majority of his jobs and that was a bit much for my shoulder.  I have had an injection into it and am awaiting some relief from the discomfort from that.

We had some days of intense heat and humidity so I took advantage of the A/C and cleaned out cupboards and drawers and found afghans that mother had made and I wanted to make sure that all of our grandkids and greatgrandkids had one that she had made, and all have been claimed with the exception of the blue one.  Michelle thought she wanted the brown one, as she wanted to have a brown sofa, and indeed, she did find a brown sofa that someone had discarded and the price was right, so it was a good choice for her.

We had our drive way sealed and the cracks filled the last of the month.  The young man that did it for us did a fine job and we were very pleased with the job.
Ben McClure's truck and equipment.

They spread it all by hand, therefore, there were no splatters.
We certainly appreciated the fine workmanship displayed by Ben on a very warm day.

Lou celebrated his 89th birthday on the 12th of August.  Krista fixed him a wonderful birthday dinner a day early with his favorite cake for dessert.  Home made German Chocolate.  Actually, we celebrated his birthday on three different days with different family members, at two different restaurants.  A great time of celebrating.

The end of the month found us at our Square Dance Camp Out in Morris, PA.  We had a really good turn out this year, and everyone was eager to help and all of the jobs were done quickly and it seemed like we had time to visit and enjoy out time together.  The weather was cool and we were glad that we had heat in our motor home.