Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our New Car

June 3rd - Tuesday - Beautiful Sunny Day - 78 degrees

After starting the day with showers, the front moved through and late this afternoon, it has turned into a beautiful afternoon.  It was good to have a rainy morning, as I had a mountain of paper work to do and I was able to get all of it accomplished.  I had not been able to do any ironing since the accident and was finally able to get that accomplished also, so feel good to think that all of that has been done also.

Lou and I have been working outside as much as possible.  I really lost a complete week after the accident and Lou had to do all of the outside work, but now thanks to Dr. Joe I have been able to help with some of it again.  We did find out that I had fractured two ribs in the accident and that accounted for the soreness in my side, but thankfully, I am making progress.

I have been working on the motor home and have it cleaned on the inside and over the weekend, we cleaned out the compartments and washed the inside of the doors and Lou has scraped the propane tank and repainted it and today he is sanding the pads on the jacks and repainting them.  Tomorrow we have an appointment to have it detailed and then we can get it into the barn to keep it clean until we take it to Ives Run for our two week camp out over the fourth of July.

We will be able to put our new car into the garage where it belongs.  We had to go to Harrisburg to get our 2014 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ.  I tried to do business with Cole and Burd in Mansfield as that is where I have purchased my last eight new cars, but they were not interested, so I went on line and found this great sales person at Sutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg.  Brion had sent me a link to the dealership and we could not have been more satisfied with Matt Irwin.  He bent over backwards to find what we wanted, I had thought I would order from the factory; however, Matt found out it was too late in the season to order a 2014, and it would be a ten week wait for a 2015 and we hated to be that long without a car, so now we have our new car.  I wanted another SUV, as I have always loved to drive them, as I like being up higher and they are so much easier to get in and out of, and I like putting groceries in and having a cover over me.  I think Lou will come to like it also.  I ordered it with all of the safety features, back up camera, so hopefully, we will have good luck with it.