Saturday, May 23, 2015

Graduation Party

May 9th - Saturday - Michelle's Graduation Party

This was the highlight of Michelle's Party.  Susie made Michelle a quilt from Michelle's grandpa's shirts.  Michelle was very close to her "Pa" and this was a very special present for her.  On the back she made a special label and included a picture of Michelle and Al.  I will include a picture of the label, but it will be upside down, as we can't figure out how to make it correct on the blog, even if we make it correct on the camera.
Isn't this very special?

Nothing else that she was given could compare to this very special loving gift.  She did receive some lovely things.  Luggage, money, jewelry, pen, books, gifts cards and a television.  It was a perfect day to have an outside party and her folks and grandparents did a nice job getting everything done up nicely.
A picture  that shows the cake and cookies that Krista made  notice the graduation cap cookies with tassels. 

Some of the folks attending the party.

It was a perfect day for a  picnic.

Krista calls this their maple grove.

Michelle was so pleased that so many of her family were able to come to her party and wish her well, after her years of study.  A good job finally accomplished!!

Michelle's Graduation at Mansfield University

May 9th - Saturday - 2015

One hundred and fiftieth Commencement of Mansfield University.   Michelle Lynn McKissick
This is after the ceremony

Walking in - Notice her medal.

On her way.

The Class of 2015.

Her name being called.

The presentation.

I got IT!


Michelle and Matthew.

Michelle and Whitney (her friend through high school and college).

May 9th  brought Michelle's undergraduate career to  a conclusion.  She graduated from Mansfield University with a Bachelor's degree in biology and a minor in chemistry.  During her senior year, she completed novel research in microbiology and has presented her results at the American Society of Microbiology Regional Conference.  The following semester of her senior year, she presented the same research at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists annual meeting.  Her oral presentation achieved first place within its category of cellular and molecular biology.  She won a medal as  recognition.  This is the medal you see in her pictures.

She has applied for graduate studies and would like to teach in a college, she has not closed the door on doing further research in a pharmaceutical setting.  At this point she is open to many area and has her whole life open to her and is awaiting guidance and opportunity and a challenge to present itself.

We offer her  prayers in whatever she chooses at this point.  We are very proud of her and her accomplishments.