Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charleston, SC Air Force Base

Sunset at AFBase
Grass I wish I had at home
Our Camp Site
View out our front window
C-124c (Lou says where he spent half of his life)
Planes C-17s
Tree frog that must have been in our orchids

March 29th - Charleston, SC 92 degrees Very sunny and hot

We were up and on the road at 9:00 this morning, and had a good day of traveling. We traveled through Georgia quickly while listening to an audio book by Clive Cussler by the name of Lost Empire. It certainly helps the time to pass quickly. I think we have two CD to finish it up. We certainly have enjoyed many of our Christmas presents on this trip. We had received many gift cards for restaurants, book stores and music cd's and audio books and we have used all of them and enjoyed all of them.

We stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center at noontime to have lunch and after we finished lunch and were ready to get back on the road, I happened to look out the side window and there was a "tree frog" on the window. The only thing I can think of is he must have been in the orchid plants that we purchased and finally got warmed up and came out to see the world. I picked him up in a napkin and Lou deposited him in a palm tree in South Carolina.

I couldn't help but think about Sue, Tim, Travis and Noell as we came around Parris Island, remembering when Travis took his basic training there, and it was so hot when he graduated. Everyone was so glad to leave that area. It certainly was hot when we came through there today also. Guys, we have reservations to stay at Cherry Point tomorrow night. Certainly wish, we were going to see all of you there and we could all go to The Sanitary again and enjoy all of your company and the great food also. Great memories were made there!!

Tonight while we were praying before dinner, a knock came to the door, when I opened the door, there standing at the door was a friend of Lou's that he used to fly with from Pittsburgh, he and his wife had been here for three days and they were on their way back home. We sat and chatted and made some plans for summer and for next winter. Small world indeed, certainly was good to see them again.

We have reservations for Saturday and Sunday nights at the Coast Guard Base in Elizabeth City, NC and then it will be coming on home as stopping when we have to. We will stop at Carlisle for our drugs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Geogia

Some of the wild flowers growing along the road coming into Georgia
Wildflowers in Florida
Daisy's flower bed - notice the bowling ball lady bug and coffee can Caterpillar
Daisy and Lacy with her new hair do!
Daisy and Kathy
Daisy and Lacy
Some of the many many beautiful flowers
Butch, his wife, Kathy, Estee, Kathy, Jean and her dog, Angel

March 28th Wednesday - Sunny Forecasted to be 88 degrees

We arrived here yesterday at 4:30 pm after spending a wonderful day and night with Daisy and her sweet new puppie Lacy. She has recently purchased her and what a pair they have become. Daisy had always had larger outside dogs and this is a huge change for her one that she is certainly enjoying.

We spent the time chatting non stop catching up on all of the family news, although Daisy reads all of my blogs and we write back and forth and talk on the phone, so we really keep in close touch with each other as does my brother and his wife, so it is always good just to see her. She and I have a lot in common and like many of the same things. One of the best things was the home made food. She made us potato salad and Cole slaw two of our favorite things and we ate and ate some more. She made a wonderful chocolate cake that Lou fell in love with and even had to have a piece before we left yesterday.

Daisy made me a memory quilt and I will post more on that later. It is made from laces, taffeta, and very fine fabrics and you attach items that have sentimental feelings to it. I have always admired the ones that she has made for herself and her daughters, knowing it would not be something that I could do, as they have every kind of hand stitch you can think of on it in every detail you can imagine. I have special items that belonged to my parents and grandparents that I want to add it it. I layed in bed on Monday night thinking about it and the hours she spent doing it and what I wanted to do with it. She is such a special person and does such lovely things for me knowing that I can never repay her. I so appreciate her hand work, knowing that each stitch is done with love in it.

Our visit with Jean was also enjoyable. She also has a new puppy and she surely is a live wire. She is a poodle and just wanted to play, so Lou gave her a new ball and they played!!. Jean has her house for sale and she is going to go to Pennsylvania and live with her daughter. She and Lou rehashed many old stories of years past and I always enjoy hearing them. It makes me feel that I was right there in the midst of their lives. I have great admiration for Jean and she has always included me in her circle of friends, and calls through out the summer, and I will be glad to have her in Pennsylvania. We wish her well in her new endeavor.

Last night we got settled in, had a good dinner and gave Estee a bath and one for each of us, enjoyed our Tuesday night television programs and today will get our laundry caught up and be back on the road on our way to probably Charleston making our way to see Aunt Hettie in North Carolina and will stay at the Coast Guard Station in Elizabeth City for two days there.

As I am writing this there is a Cardinal sitting on our mirror outside of the RV.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Day at MacDill

KC 135 This is what we see fly around here
Driving up Bayshsore Drive
Homes along Bayshore Drive

Coming through Tampa
Tampa Bay
Buildings in Tampa
Carnival Cruise Ship in Tampa Bay
KB 50

A new sign at the office here at our RV Park
See the little crab!
Lou caught one - Notice the one large claw

March 24th Saturday - Cloudy 87 degrees

Today is our last day here at MacDill, so we decided we would take a quick drive up to Plant City and pick up another flat of strawberries, Lou thinks we can keep them fresh and bring them back home. I have expressed my doubts, but will give it a try. Needless to say our refrigerator is full. They are very ripe, so I have a feeling we will be eating lots of berries on our way home.

We had to make a stop at Steak and Shake to have our annual "fix" and was it delicious. Lou even splurged and had onion rings with his burger and he had a heath milkshake, I had my favorite strawberry milkshake.

We took the scenic route coming back through Tampa and up Bayshore Drive, so I snapped some pictures to share with you. I love the drive that way, as we drive along the water and you can see St. Petersburg on one side and the beautiful homes on the other side, this is where our favorite restaurant the Colonnade is located and we didn't get out there this year. Something to do next year. Note: Tampa is the location of the Republican convention in August and plans are already being made.

When we got back we decided we would start dismantling everything getting ready for the departure tomorrow morning. I had noticed a carter key coming out of the awning yesterday and brought it to Lou's attention today so our neighbor climbed up on our roof and looked at it and was able to get it back into position, but he thinks the arm is not at steady as it should be, so want to have that checked when we get back home. Notice Lou didn't climb the ladder to the roof, I caught Lou on the roof the day before and was upset with him for not at least telling me he was going up so I would be aware of it, so at least this time, we talked about it and our neighbor heard us and said he would check it for us. Lou and he have become pretty good buddies. He is a retired Marine,disabled but I don't know the details, very young with a 40 foot Fleetwood with every extra you can think of. A show piece that we have all enjoyed seeing.

We are supposed to have rain again tonight, so trying to get as much done this afternoon as possible so we will be ready to pull out in the am. Many of our friends will be leaving tomorrow also. This will be our last post for some time, as our next few stop will not have internet service. Once again we plan to be home for Easter.

Last Day at MacDill

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunch with Scott and Greg

March 23rd - Friday Beautiful Sunny day in Tampa

Today was the day that Gregory was to have his cast replaced with a shorter one; however, when they did the x-ray of his broken arm it showed amazing healing of both bones and the orthopedists felt he no longer needed to have a cast, so Greg walked out without a cast. He was a pretty happy young man. He did realize how weak his arm had become and will have to wait several weeks before he can be back on his dirt bike. He has some conditioning to accomplish before that time arrives.

Scott and Greg are on their way to to north Florida to visit with Scott's father but took time to meet Lou and I for lunch. He had planned on meeting at the Colonnade for lunch, but knew they didn't open until 11:00 and Greg had finished earlier than we had anticipated, Scott thought we could go to the Cheesecake Factory, so we agreed to meet there. We arrived there and found that they didn't open until 11:00 either, so we sat outside and visited until they opened and then had a lovely table outside and continued our visit.

Our lunch was great. Greg ordered a bacon and shrimp club sandwich with fries, it was a beauty and he could only eat half of it, because we all had to save room for cheesecake. Lou and Scott had clam chowder, a Caesar salad, and a chicken salad sandwich and I had a cashew chicken salad. Our servings were huge and very tasty. Scott and Greg shared an Oreo cheesecake and Lou and I shared a Hershey cheesecake.

Great lunch and great conversation and a chance to see Greg and Scott again before we leave for the north on Sunday. A shame that Sue had to work we missed having her with us today.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Maggie's Drawers
Base Housing
Base Housing
Base Housing
View of St. Petersburg - Across from Base Housing

March 17th - Beautiful - Sunny

Yesterday we were up early and left for Plant City with the idea of purchasing fresh strawberries, as we left our camp site, Lou turned on the windshield wipers to brush the pollen off the windshield, we noticed that one of the wipers needed to be replaced, so we made a mental note to stop at a Walmart to get new bladed en-route.

As we left we noticed that "Maggie's Drawers" were hanging out, that indicates that there will be all kinds of shooting taking place on that day and to stay clear of the designated area, this area is just below our camp ground, so we pay attention to Maggie's Drawers!

We drove out Bayshore Drive and I took pictures of some of the base housing, which I think is beautiful, and right across the street is the water and on the horizon in St. Petersburg. There are beautiful playgrounds, tennis courts and such in this area also. You always, see young mothers and children out walking with strollers and little folks on bikes, all seem to be having a good time and enjoying the sunshine and the breeze from the water.

We stopped at Walmart and found wiper blades that fit the Malibu and Lou struggled to put them on and just couldn't get them on, a man stopped to try and help him and he couldn't get them on either, and he suggested taking them to the auto department and asking them for assistance and Lou did that and Lou drove around to the side of Walmart to the Lube and Tire area and a guy came out and it only took a minute and he had it on. Problem solved and we continued our journey.

We did get fresh strawberries, we bought a flat of berries for $5.99 and they are just beautiful and so very sweet. We stopped at our favorite place and Lou got strawberry shortcake and I got a strawberry milkshake. We also picked up fresh produce to bring home with us. We had sausage, biscuits, gravy and sliced tomatoes for breakfast this morning and they were delicious.

We stopped at Lazydays on our way home, as June and Steve were there, and they had just purchased a new RV and were transferring all of their possessions from their old motor home to their new home. So we got a tour of their new home and were able to catch up with them on happenings since we last saw them. We are so happy for them, as we know they will enjoy their new home as much as we enjoy our new one. They also took the driving course and found it very helpful also.

We arrived home in time to let Estee out and feed her and get to the Clubhouse for our St. Patrick's Day celebration. We met our new friends from Pennsylvania there and spent the evening with them enjoying our dinner, music and conversation.

It was indeed a very full day. Now today, need to accomplish a few things and want to get into the sunshine before it gets to the forecasted 87 degrees. Actually, the temperatures that Krista is telling me about in Pennsylvania sound pretty good to me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron as he landed
Assorted shore birds
Roseate Spoonbill
Great White Heron and Spoonbill
Anhinga (drying his wings)
Another view of the Anhinga
Tri-Colored Heron
Common Moorhen Duck
Roseate Spoonbill

Young Osprey

March 16th - Friday - Sunny and very warm 87 degrees

Lou and I set out for a walk and took our camera and decided we would just take a picture of the different birds that we saw as we walked along and post that, so that is what you will see today are just a few of the pictures that we took.

The Great Blue Heron flew into the bay and just kept walking towards Lou and I took many pictures thinking that he soon would frighten and fly away, but he walked right up to Lou and there were many Brown Pelicans and we were so busy watching them fish, that I didn't take pictures of them. We were gone for two hours, so you see when we take off it isn't just a short walk, we go for at least two hours and seems like it is the hottest time of the day, but there is always a breeze so we still enjoy it, but by the time we get back I am ready to sit and read my book before I start dinner.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.