Saturday, November 15, 2014


November 15th - Saturday - Sunny - Cold

Lou and I have the opportunity of visiting used car sales lot in Jersey Shore and when I walked in the door this is what I saw.

Memories flowed back so quickly of this car.  This is exactly the car that I drove back and forth to MSU to college in 1960 and what a joy she was to drive.  I was fortunate, she was provided to me by my parents.  Daddy paid for the gasoline, I worked part-time, making the huge amount of $32.00 per week, $10.00 went into my savings, $10.00 to my parents, $2.00 to church offering, and $10.00 to me.  Not bad was it?  What would the kids today think of that?

My parents raised broiler chickens and purchased this car and paid cash for it.  They were so proud of their purchase.  We all worked hard raising chickens along with our dairy cows; however, I wouldn't trade growing up on a working farm for anything.  It was a great like.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Project Completed

November 14th - Friday - Snow Flurries and much colder - 19 degrees this am

This is a Butler's Table that my late husband built years ago, and just prior to his death, he fell into it and broke one of the boards.  Lou found it in our barn and looked at it and thought he could fix it.  A friend of his had made a special brace to fix picture frames with and he thought that would work on the top of this table.  Lou brought the table to the house and we cleaned it up and he used a special wood glue on it, used the brace on it and indeed it did work.
Notice the homemade brace that can be adjusted.

I am so pleased to have the table back in our living room and in use again.  I was going to paint it black to match the rest of the tables; however, Lou felt it was better to leave it as Al had made it, so it stayed the same.

Another project that we have been trying to get accomplished since we got back from Florida has been accomplished thanks to grandson, Travis.  He and Noell came over on Tuesday and took care of the problem with the skirting.  He did a great job, reinforced it with plywood that he brought with him, it looks so good.  We are so thankful to him.  I just regret that I didn't even get a picture of them working on it!!  Can you believe that.  I so enjoyed having them here and we walked around the property so they could see what Lou has done as they haven't been here in some time.  Lou was at the homestead winterizing three lawn tractors for the season, which is another job completed.  Travis is going to help Lou jack up our Tack Room and secure it next year.  That building means so much to me, as my father purchased it from a neighbor 70 years ago and he helped Al and I drag it down here 24 years ago and it has housed many kinds of animals and been used for many things, I just have to preserve it.  Krista and Steve put a new roof on it six years ago.  Tim removed a huge hive of bees from it one winter.  It has a lot of history...

We had trick and treaters but I can only show pictures of Matthew, as Shawn and Maegan won't allow pictures of their girls on line.
Frosted was a popular theme this year, Krista made Matthew's costume, as did Maegan make the girls and they were cute and well done also.  Never met a little girl that didn't enjoy being a princess.

We had the pleasure of keeping Matthew one day and he enjoyed playing with toys that all of the kids have enjoyed.  
Matthew and "Bill Dings"
He was able to put a bunch of Bill Dings together all by himself.  Those were mine when I was a kid, so those have seen the hands of many kids.  Matthew is going through his dairy challenge and up to sterilized milk and doing well.  We are all so excited about this.

Krista has a move in date of December 1st.  We are all going to spend Thanksgiving Day packing the U-Haul truck.  We are all very excited about this move for their family.  Will be a very busy week for all involved, but worth every minute of it.  God has indeed answered prayers on this.