Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekend with Scott and Family

March 26th - Thursday 87 degrees

We are at Port Charlotte, Fl at a lovely RV park that we have been at several times.  We have chosen this park for its location, as it is only about 30 minutes from my son's home.  On Saturday Scott, Sue, Greg and Aimee came out brought a picnic and their boats out and we went down to the river and spent the afternoon.  It was a perfect afternoon to spend outside.  Scott had packed lawn chairs, so Sue and I took chairs down next to the water and soaked our feet in the water, while Aimee played in the water.  Lou and I took turns staying with Maci in the shade.

The guys didn't have any luck with the fishing, but had a good time on the water.  Lou got a chance to try the boats, as Scott's was different, as his was designed for fishing.
Lou trying his skill.
Sue has Rheumatoid Arthritis and hadn't been able to paddle before, so she wanted to give it a try in calm shallow water, and she did pretty well and Aimee enjoyed going with anyone that wanted to take her once she was out once.
Sue and Aimee.
Notice how the boat has a standard that can be put up so you can stand to fish and it also has a split tail to stabilize the boat.  Scott explained that it is impossible to tip it over with the tail split.

Scott heading out.

Scott and Aimee.  Greg in the foreground.
We had a nice afternoon and got to enjoy being together, it was getting pretty hot and we walked back to the RV and the air conditioning.

On Sunday we went to Scott's house and he used his smoker and did ribs, chicken and cabbage and also made potato salad.  He had opened his pool and Aimee enjoyed the pool and Greg joined her, the rest of us thought it was a little cool.  Scott had asked Steve to join us.  I was delighted to see Steve, as I had gotten acquainted with him when I stayed with Scott and Sue years ago and have always appreciated his friendship.  He has worked with Scott and is his fishing buddy.  When I went to work with Scott, Steve was with us and he made me feel so welcomed and was there to explain many aspects of their work to me.  A fine person and I so enjoyed seeing him again.  Lou and Steve enjoyed getting acquainted and had many hunting stories to share.
Aimee enjoying the pool.

The crew enjoying......

The time went so quickly, and we didn't get to do all we wanted to do, we did meet on Tuesday night for dinner, Scott had to catch a plane on Wednesday morning.  We are planning on staying for a month next year and that will give us more time to do some fun things together, in fact next winter we are going to do things much different.

Tomorrow we leave for MacDill and probably will have to dry camp until we can get a spot, then we will start home.  Looks like it is warming up at home.  This high 88 degrees and high humidity isn't my kind of weather, especially with no breeze here.  Although, we are supposed to get a cool front tomorrow.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Road Trip to Fort Myers, FL

March 18th - Wednesday - Sunny 87 degrees

Yesterday being St. Patrick's Day we celebrated by cooking a large brisket of corned beef with potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage in our crock pot, when I served it, Lou thought we lacked the green beer, so he had to settle for just "plain" beer in a chilled mug.  After dinner was all cleaned up we put in our favorite movie, The Quiet Man, and enjoyed it once again.  That has been a family tradition for many years.  Thanks to our older daughter, Susan, she gave us a copy to keep in the RV so we can enjoy it while we are on the road.  One year when we were traveling on St. Patrick's Day we couldn't even find the movie on television and had to endure the day without the movie.  She quickly solved the problem for us.

On Monday, we traveled to Fort Myers to visit with one of Lou's friends.  Doris had recently moved into a beautiful assisted living complex and she was anxious for us to see her new unit.  It so reminded me of Bethany where I worked at one time.  We went out to lunch together and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together.  Lou and her husband were in the service together and their families had been very close and raised their children together and had remained close after both families retired from the Air Force.
Doris and Lou
As we left Doris in Fort Myers and drove the sixty miles back to Moore Haven to our RV park we drove past many orange groves of which I have a picture at the top of the post today.  We see so many huge load of oranges going to the packing companies, makes you wish a few would fall off as they go past!!

The people here at this RV park are so friendly and I think this is the cleanest laundry I have ever been in and everyone hangs their clothes outside at their units, so my clothes bar have come in very handy.  We did laundry yesterday.
This is back of our unit where we walk.

One of the "Catch and Release Fishing Ponds"
The entrance to our RV Park.
These pictures will give you an idea of where we are and what it looks like, next door to us on the left is a horse ranch and Maci loves to walk over there and rub noses with the horses, and I never remember to take my camera to take a picture of her.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dinner at Sigsbee - Key West, FL

March 12th - Thursday - 89 degrees

We have moved from Key West to Moore Haven, FL; however, I have many pictures that I took at Key West that I could not get posted while in Key west, so thought I would do a short post to show some of them.

This is a picture that I took off to the side of the restaurant at Sigsbee, which is the other RV park at Key West Navy Base.  Lou and I went over there one evening for dinner.  It is a very informal  place to eat right on the Gulf.  I tried something different for dinner, I ordered tuna and sea weed.
Tuna and sea weed.
I don't think it is something that I would order again, but I was glad that I had tried it.  Lou and I have enjoyed Tuna steak at home and both of us like that, but this was really different from that, this was not as firm as the steak.

We really did not do much sight seeing while at Key West, as we did all of that the last time while there, so this time we enjoyed walking and reading and soaking up the sunshine.  Maci and I would take my sand chair and go down by the water and watch the boats, read and enjoy the breeze and sunshine, if she got too warm, so would go wading.
One of the Sea Planes landing

Maci watching the waves.

The while and  brown Pelicans.

Maci getting her feet wet.
Lou walked about three miles every other day.  We tried to take Maci, but it was too far for her to go, and we ended up having to carry her back, so we ended up by Lou walking while Maci and I went to the water, as Lou wasn't interested in that, so it worked out good for all of us.
A pooped puppy.
The day before we left, we had a pelican walking in front of our RV and I went out to see what was going on and there was a man along side of it that I didn't know and he told me the pelican had a broken wing and he had called the Wildlife Rescue and someone was coming for it.  I had heard on the radio that there was a reward being offered for anyone with information regarding the slitting of the pelican's pouches.  I thought that was horrible, I have always enjoyed the birds and as I had stated before, they are a favorite of my daughter Susan.
Pelican with broken wing.