Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the Road Again - Day One

December 27th - Sunday 55 Degrees - Wellsboro, PA

Fifty two years ago today I gave birth to my second child, my one and only son, Gregory Scott Bryant.  The first thing I did this morning was to make a post on Facebook to wish him a Happy Birthday.

After celebrating Christmas with all of our families, first on Christmas Eve at  Susan's house with her side of the family.  It was a bit different this year, as Shawn and Tim has a bet with Sue and  they lost, so they had to wear "ugly" sweaters that were hand made by family members, and they were really good sports about it and wore them with great pride.  Everyone kept in mind that we were leaving for Florida soon after Christmas and gave presents that were really useful for our trip and very thoughtful.  Sue and I spent time talking about Christmases in the past and our kids have all agreed that the most memorable Christmases were the ones that we drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania and spent them with my parents on the farm.  It was a lot of work for all involved but lots of good memories for all involved and I will have to write some of those stories on my Yesterdays Blog later.

On Christmas Day we went to Krista's house for dinner and presents.  We spent a lot of time sitting at the dining room table talking about previous Christmases also and the many memories that we all have from years past.  Lou shared memories of one Christmas when his parents were both unemployed and there was no money for presents, but some how they purchased a truck for him and how  happy he was with it and that he kept it for years after.

Saturday we went to Lou's house to have Christmas with his family.  Twenty-nine people were there to celebrate the holiday.  Casey and Allie came the furtherest coming from Georgia.  It was a nice day to catch up with everyone and stories on what everyone was doing.

We were up  this morning at 8:00, finished the laundry, packing between rain storms, got to talk to my brother a few minutes and were ready to leave our house at 10:30 am, we went to the Fair Grounds  to hook up and then waited until the rain slacked up a little.  Finally, we were on the road at 11:05.  Put in a Willie Nelson tape, Maci curled up for a nap.  We got to Steam Valley and it sure was steamy there, but once we got beyond Williamsport, the rain stopped and beyond Harrisburg, the sun came out.

It was great coming through St. Mary's and not to have to worry about scrapping the side of the motor home.  They did a great job widening the road there.

We got to 81S @ 1:50, really made good time.  Chambersburg, PA  Fort Letterkenny, where my brother had been on Christmas Day.  He visited his grandson and wife there.  We stopped at the last rest stop in  PA to have our lunch and walk around a little and let Maci walk a bit.

We went past James Buchanan's birthplace = Molly Piticher Highway = Mason/Dixson Auto Auction
Quickly zipped past the 10 exits in Maryland and into West Virginia and we were into Virginia where gasoline was $1.85 at Flying J.

We arrived at our destination - Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, VA at 4:30 pm.  Reservation was confirmed and our pull thru spot was waiting for us, same spot as last year.  We got rid of all of our winterization and I put our dinner in the oven.  It was 75 degrees and it started to gently rain, after we got finished.

Our dinner was roast turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked squash, sweet  potato casserole, glass of wine and coffee and cookies.

Tomorrow will be a long drive, it is over 450 miles to our next destination.
View out our front window

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